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You’re Not Alone: Hospice Grief Services

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c9762fd8c1dd3acf77a2ad878cf0dc73.jpgGrief is a normal response to the losses and transitions of life. When someone important to us passes away, we mourn the loss of the relationship as well as the loss of the person.

Gulfside Hospice’s special way of caring also extends to the patient’s family members and loved ones. The goal of the bereavement program is to assure the long-term mental and physical well-being of survivors by helping them adjust to their loss and learn new skills for living.

Bereavement Support Groups & Workshops

Gulfside Hospice offers many different support groups and workshops for families who have been on Gulfside’s services. Under the counselor’s leadership, participants share information, experiences and emotional support. The groups emphasize discussion and participation, and focus on various aspects of grief and the healing process.

Creative Grieving Workshops use a variety of media to express and work through grief. Workshops can include music, drawing, coloring, writing, meditation and prayer. Counselors guide the participants through the tools aimed at teaching various ways to relax, reduce stress and process grief feelings. No artistic training or talent is needed, and each tool developed in the workshop is helpful in navigating the journey through grief. For information about upcoming workshops, call 800-561-4883.

Individual & Family Counseling

For families who have been on Gulfside’s services, bereavement counselors offer guidance and support to both individual family members and the family unit in dealing with the grief process. Our team supports you and encourages healing to take place.

Griefwords Library

Working through the grief that comes with losing a loved one is always a challenge. At Gulfside, we are here to help you in your time of need. We are honored to provide you with access to the Griefwords Library, hosted by Horan & McConaty.

This extensive library offers articles with many practical suggestions to help you work through all types of grief and move toward healing. There are also articles for how you can help others going through grief, as well as information for helping children and teens, tips on creating a personal and meaning funeral, and information for caregivers. You can access the library by clicking here.

Living with Loss Newsletter

You are not alone on your grief journey. Gulfside’s team of counselors, social workers and volunteers are here to help and stay in touch. After someone passes away, the team at Gulfside will periodically send five editions of the Living with Loss newsletter to help you along your grief journey. Inside are articles about working through the stages of grief, inspirational quotes and organizational updates.


Our team of counselors, chaplains and social workers are always available to help. To contact our Counseling Services team, click the link below and complete the simple form, and our team will connect with you.