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FAQ's: Centers for Hospice Care

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IMG_0497.jpgWhen patients cannot be cared for in their home, they are welcome in one of ours. The Gulfside Centers for Hospice Care provide medical expertise in a home-like setting for patients who need short-term, round-the-clock, hospice care. Gulfside is proud to offer two Centers for Hospice Care: one in New Port Richey and the other in Zephyrhills.

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about hospice care in a hospice house setting. For more information or to schedule a tour of either Center, click here or call 800-561-4883.

Who is eligible to use the Gulfside Centers for Hospice Care?

Hospice patients who need short-term, round-the-clock care because of care requirements or other needs that cannot be managed where the patient lives.

Who provides care at the Center?

The hospice care team includes board-certified palliative care doctors, registered nurses, licensed counselors, chaplains, home health aides, therapists and volunteers to provide a mix of expertise for medical, emotional and spiritual needs for patients and their families.

4-cmyk-zipu.jpgWhat makes it “homelike”?

The interior of both Gulfside Centers for Hospice Care were designed with the patients and their families in mind, blending expert medical care with the comforts of home. Special features at the Centers to make patients comfortable include:

  • Private and spacious bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and overnight accommodations for a family member
  • Round-the-clock skilled nursing care
  • Emotional and spiritual support for both patients and their families to help bring them peace and comfort
  • 24-hour visiting hours every day of the year for families
  • Spacious public family areas with kitchenettes and snacks available

What does it cost to receive service at the Center?

Services are paid by Medicare, Medicaid, HMOs, private health insurance and charitable donations. Through community donations, we are able to provide care to all who need us, regardless of their ability to pay.

Can I talk with someone or visit a Gulfside Center for Hospice Care?

Absolutely! We welcome your phone call and will gladly set up a visit at the Center of your choice with a Gulfside staff member. Please call us directly at 800-561-4883. You can also visit us online at ww.GHPPC.org to take a virtual tour and get more information about Gulfside. It is never too soon to call Gulfside Hospice for help with caregiving, serious illness, loss or grief. We are here to help you and your loved ones.

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