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What does hospice pay for?

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Most people think hospice care is expensive. However, Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance companies cover hospice services. Odds are, if you have one of these plans, you also have the right to receive hospice care through the hospice benefit.

Plus, at Gulfside Hospice, no one is turned away from receiving care because of their financial situation. As a non-profit organization, we are honored to provide quality care to everyone in the community who needs it, thanks to the generous support of our community donors and partners.

So when a patient is admitted into hospice, what’s included?

When a patient receives hospice care, they get an entire interdisciplinary care team that works with the patient and caregiver to develop a personalized plan of care. No two patients are the same, even if they have the same diagnosis. Likewise, no two patients are treated the same. At Gulfside, we take the time to evaluate each individual’s needs, and work to provide care that helps.

In addition to receiving medical care from specially trained nursing staff, the hospice benefit also includes other items of need related to the hospice diagnosis. This can include medications, medical equipment, and medical supplies. It also includes, when you need it, spiritual care and bereavement support and respite for caregivers.

Gulfside also offers special services for veterans through the We Honor Veterans program, making effort to recognize and thank them for their service every step of the way. We also offer help for patients who have pets through the Pet Peace of Mind® program, allowing patients and their pets to stay together as long as possible, and find a forever home when needed.

But hospice care doesn’t just stop at care for the patient. The hospice experience affects everyone around the patient too. Our team will work with the patient’s caregivers to help show them ways to properly care for the patient, so if desired, they can be involved in the care process as well. Volunteers can stay with the patient while the caregiver runs errands, and longer respite care can be arranged as well. Bereavement services are also offered to the families of Gulfside patients, as well as to anyone in the community working through grief and loss.

As you can see, hospice is so much more than just medical care. It looks at the whole picture, and not just the illness, to provide a holistic approach to care.

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