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Tips for Father's Day: Sharing and Celebrating a Legacy

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Grilling, fishing, and late summer nights. June kicks off the beginning of warmer weather and outside adventure. Stores have been preparing for Father’s Day by setting out cards and balloons to remind customers that the holiday is quickly approaching.

While some are planning out the perfect gift to get the special man in their life, who was not just a role model, but a protector, others may be mourning the loss of their father figure around this time of year, making June less about adventure and more about remembering a loved one who has passed.

Grieving on a Day of Celebration: 5 Ways to Honor Dad This Father's Day.

Whether it is a parent or a relative, it is always difficult to say a final goodbye to a loved one. Dealing with grief can be overwhelming, especially when holidays such as Father's Day come around. Instead of just grieving, there are many different ways you can honor and remember your loved one on those special days. Our team has put together a list of ways you can embrace the holiday and make Father's Day a time for remembrance:

  • Set up a garden or a plant a tree to remember him.
  • Do something he loved, like cooking on the grill or going for a bike ride.
  • Write him a letter and reminisce about old times.
  • Sort through old photo albums and share memories with friends and loved ones.
  • Donate to a charity in honor of him.

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Celebrating Your Father and Creating New Memories 

Father’s Day can be a difficult time. No matter how you choose to celebrate or remember your dad, there is never a wrong way. You can reclaim this holiday and redefine what it means to you because everybody handles grief in different ways. Before the holiday, you can set some time aside to let others know how you would like to celebrate this year. Don't feel obligated to make the holiday sad if you would rather celebrate the life and impact he had on others around you.

A few ideas include sharing funny stories, memories, or photos with your friends and family. Another option is to host a dinner and make some of your Father's favorite meals. By doing activities like this you are allowing and reminding your family members and friends that it is okay to talk about the good times and not feel guilty about smiling or remembering them fondly.

How Gulfside Can Help:

Grief never ends, because love never dies. While the holidays may be difficult to celebrate, we can still take time to reflect on the memories of our missing loved ones that we treasure. You can use this time to also reflect on how far you have come during the grieving process. The holidays and other special days, like birthdays and anniversaries, are just another step in your journey. If you can conquer these moments, then you can conquer the rest as well. By listening to yourself and communicating with others, these days will be easier and hopefully a little more cheerful.

Our Bereavement Services Department is here to be the light that guides you during this grief journey. Whether you need resources and support about grieving, or just somebody to listen, they are here to help. In fact, our Bereavement Department hold's support groups regularly as a service to anyone in the community, free of charge. 

For more information about the services Gulfside Healthcare Services has to offer, contact Gulfside's Bereavement Services Department at 727-845-5707. You can also click here to visit our Grief Words Library for more helpful articles.

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