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Celebrating Another Year Of Thrift Shopping And Supporting Pasco County

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Gone are the days where fashion or antiques have to be expensive. For nearly 30 years, Gulfside Hospice Thrift Shoppes have been providing affordable clothing, furniture, and collectible items. Residents of Pasco County and thrift shop lovers alike can visit one of the five locations located throughout Pasco County and find a great deal without breaking the bank. Not only do our thrift shops have a wide variety of items at an affordable price, but also every week there are “thriftastic” daily deals.

Gulfside Hospice Thrift Shoppe clothing rack at Zephyrhills

To some shopping may be a chore or a headache, but to our team here at Gulfside, it makes you an everyday hero. Like other charity thrift shops, all of the funds raised at our stores go toward supporting us on our mission: providing the best care possible for Gulfside Hospice’s more than 600 patients in Pasco County. So, even a small purchase goes a long way and supports the community.

Celebrating National Thrift Shop Day: How Shopping at a Thrift Store is About More Than Bargains

Each year, National Thrift Shop Day is celebrated on August 17. It is a day for consumers to shop small, find great bargains, and support their local business and a great cause. It is also a day for our team to thank our community for supporting Gulfside over the past year as well as brainstorm new ideas of how we can give back to our community.

This year has been a challenging time for businesses in Pasco County due to COVID-19. During this time, our team has had to find ways to adapt and change our way of thinking so we can ensure the safety of customers, volunteers, and staff. Despite the challenge facing our team, they were able to take that need for change and create two new ways of shopping! Customers, residents, caregivers, and patients can now shop from the comfort of their own home by visiting our website to check out the Online Thrift Shoppes or schedule a Virtual Shop-Along session with a staff member.

Having this alternative way of shopping has allowed Gulfside Hospice Thrift Shoppes to do their part in making sure that our team, volunteers and community are safe, and make thrift shopping more accessible to patients and customers.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Sometimes it takes a village to do a good deed and make a change in the community. The majority of the staff at the Gulfside Hospice Thrift Shoppes are volunteers who dedicate their time to making sure the stores run smoothly. The volunteers who give their time at the shops often feel they get back so much more in return. Especially for senior volunteers, they have a place to go where they can meet new people, make new friends, and stay active, leading to healthier lives.

Lutz Thrift Shoppe Teen volunteers and assistant manager.

According to Mary, a volunteer at the Gulfside Hospice Thrift Shoppe in Dade City, giving back is a rewarding experience that has kept her with the shop for more than a decade. “I came to Gulfside 12 years ago because it is a good cause, helping people in their final days of life. Also, it’s an excellent organization, it has great people and it’s very rewarding!”

Here are a few things the volunteers at our location help with:

  • Greeting and assisting customers
  • Accepting donated items
  • Sorting and pricing items
  • Organizing and displaying items on store shelves
  • And more!

Volunteers receive specialized training at the store of their choice, and also receive shopping discounts at all five locations. For more information about volunteering visit our website and fill out the application here.

The support from the community helps drive the success of the Gulfside Hospice Thrift Shoppes and provide the opportunity for anyone who needs it to receive hospice care. Whether it’s shopping, donating items, or giving your time as a volunteer, what better day to support the Gulfside Hospice Thrift Shoppes than National Thrift Shoppe Day!

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