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A Plaque to Carry on a Legacy: The Rucki Center for Hospice Care in Zephyrhills

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The Rucki Center for Hospice Care - Photo of Linda Ward and John Butler with dedication plaque.

June 18, 2019 was not only a day of celebration, but a day of remembrance. Members of our community, as well as our dedicated staff, came together to honor two individuals who fully embraced, and represent the true spirit of Gulfside.

Walter and Mary Rucki became part of the Gulfside family years ago, leaving a lasting impression on those who interacted with them. Without family to carry on their legacy, Mary and Walter decided to leave their legacy and pass on their torch to Gulfside Hospice.

As a thank you to their generous gift left to Gulfside in a trust, the organization has announced that the renaming of the Rucki Center for Hospice Care in Zephyrhills in their memory. A plaque in their will hang in the newly renamed center keep the spirit of Gulfside and philanthropy alive. We hope that when nurses, patients, and relatives visit the Rucki Center, they are able to feel the comfort and compassion of all those there, and let out a sigh of relief.

Thanks to individuals like the Rucki's, a daughter can just be a daughter, and a son can just be a son, instead of having to play the role of full time caregiver. Without gifts like theirs, we would not be able to create this warm and compassionate place of serenity. A place where acts of kindness never go unnoticed, and where all voices are heard. A place where no concern is too small, and where assistance of several different kinds is available to all.

Walter and Mary Rucki may have thought that their generosity was just a small act of kindness, but to us no act of kindness is ever too small.Their act of kindness will help change the lives of many. Despite no longer being with us, the Rucki's will continue to inspire, help and improve the lives of others. For that, we could never thank them enough.

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